Hello reader,

This blog is dedicated to motorbikes, bikers, riding (especially riding safety), motorcycle industry news and technologies, and motorcycle touring.

I am very passionate about motorcycles. I ride a lot, and when I'm not riding then you can find me reading online articles or books about motorbikes or decomposing/composing something on my bike. :)
One day I just decided I could actually write something about motorcycles, state my opinion, communicate, and find other guys like me, all around the world.
That's how MotoBay Blog was born.

I am not going to state my real name here, cause I cherish my privacy.
Of course, those who prove their good intensions will get know me, for sure.

I encourage you to write some comments too.

Well, I better stop now and start working something more useful.
That's it... see you around! :)

Moto Craze


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