Friday, February 25, 2011

Updated Goldwing coming up next year!

I guess most of you have already heard about the new 2012 Honda Goldwing.
It’s not an all-new bike, but just updated current version of Goldwing. Besides cosmetic changes, here is what’s important:
- improved wind protection, especially for the lower body and legs
- saddlebag capacity is up for 7 liters, so now there is 150 liters of total storage
- updated Honda Satellite Linked Navigation System with brighter color screen
- updated Sound System now supports MP3 players
- better seat and backrest material
- revised suspension settings
- airbag models and non airbag models will be available, where non airbag models get a central storage pocket
- other minor tweaks
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I believe this could be the last update of current Goldwing generation which is probably made to extend her lifetime till they prepare the next generation. BMW’s upcoming K1600GTL is going to be Goldwing’s main competition, and to be honest, BMW K1600GTL is a better bike. I’m sure Honda is already working on the next all–new generation of Goldwing, but we shall wait and see.
An interesting thing happened on the website: at the first place they published a picture of a Goldwing with windscreen wiper and when I came later I couldn’t find that picture anymore. Windscreen wiper – isn’t that too much for a bike?
honda_goldwing_2012_0  honda_goldwing_2012_2 honda_goldwing_2012_3 honda_goldwing_2012_4 honda_goldwing_2012_5 honda_goldwing_2012_6 honda_goldwing_2012_7


  1. I wish I could have a Goldwing parked in my garage. My uncle in Canada has a Red Goldwing. He told me that it's quite relaxing to drive since it's similar to driving a car

  2. Really? I would think that they would seriously revamp the platform at this point. My father-in-law has a Wing and complains that the new ones are... well, nothing different from what he's got. He wants to upgrade but can't see the point without some serious changes.

    As for the BMW, I really get the feeling that Honda is going to get it's ass handed to them (And I love Honda) if they don't get a move on. The Beemer is supposed to come in with a very reasonable price. The only reason I can see to buy a Wing over a Beemer is service costs and service locations. We'll see what happens. Maybe old pops-in-law will get a Beemer and I'll be able to see if their inline six is all it's cracked up to be.

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  3. I like the new look a lot. I could see myself on one of those in a few years.