Saturday, February 26, 2011

More information about new MV Agusta F3

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday with more information about new MV Agusta F3. The news spread all over the web quickly, but I decided to wait if someone published even more details, but now that’s it.

I’ve already written about new F3, check it out here:  MV Agusta F3 – an exotic spice for the 600 class , so this time I will just add few words, and hopefully make your day with some new photos I found.

Here’s what it’s all about: new F3’s engine is producing 135HP (100.8 kW) at 15000 rpm !! For 675cc 3-cylinder engine that’s a lot – and the best in the class! The only thing that worries me is that producing such power at and revving so high will give you tiny power/torque at low/medium rpms. Hm, it’s possible MV's engineers have solved out this problem, but we shall wait and see.

They also claim it will be most compact and lightest bike in the class, and I believe them.

The price is not defined yet, as well as release date. While most websites says it should be released in 2012, MV Agusta’s website for UK says that it is coming to UK this year. Go figure!

For the end, as I promised, there is a nice collection of MV Agusta F3 photos. I thought that Picasa Web is a better online tool for browsing the photo gallery, so just click on the photo below and go straight to my MV Agusta F3 photo album.


  1. It looks like Ducatti series but the back part is looking lighter.

  2. Well, both italian designs and have some common points. This one will all be very lite and compact, and most powerfull among 600cc... this will smash all the others on track!

  3. I want one....I so want one. Carnt wait to see one, probably be out of my price range I reckon though.

  4. Cool looking bike. Looks modern without looking like an insect mated with an android - which is a bit much for me. I'd consider it, but I think my next bike is going to from the touring / sport touring category. Still, I like to fawn and drool...

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  5. Nice looking bike. Never ridden one of there's but think I would like to.

  6. I like the Italian looks. Thanks for your visit...I shall be following your blog

  7. F3 is the awesome bike for the riders. It is a 675cc bike which has include the 3-cylinder engine. The features of this bike are very cool.