Friday, February 25, 2011

Honda CBR600F update – price for UK announced

… and opinions are splitted among the Brits. Anyway, the new CBR600F price for UK is £7055, which is about 18% less than non ABS CBR600RR model and about 24% less than CBR600RR with C-ABS.  £7055 is for ABS model, which seems to include Honda’s CBS… so this becomes a standard on all Honda bikes (except for super sports) – and that does’t impress me. It seems that non ABS model is not offered in UK.
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Despite it’s heavily based on Hornet, I think 600F is a good deal. Hornet is a nice bike, so CBR600F is also going to be a decent bike. For significantly lower price than super sport 600cc bikes, now you can get a fully faired sport 600cc bike, which is more practical, more comfy and easier to ride.
Some would say that the old 600F had couple of horse powers more, but it doesn’t really matter, cause this is not a race track focused bike. Besides that, pay attention on this: for year 2007 Honda’s only sport 600cc bike was CBR600F4i, and 600RR practically pushed it out the year after. Now, for the first time, Honda offers two sporty 600cc bikes: F and RR, so if you want extra horse power, fine, get yourself an RR. You’ve got a choice now, pick your favorite.
I prefer 600F, cause race track is not most important thing to me, I don’t even know if it’s important to me at all. For daily riding, commuting, shorter trips and two up, 600F is a better choice. Plus -  it’s cheaper… and probably cheaper on fuel, maintenance, etc. The point is that you have a choice now. So, for this time - good work Honda.


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  2. Honda CBR600f is really a nice bike and i like all of features of this bike because i have driven this bike once.