Sunday, January 30, 2011

Template update... and what's coming

Last few days I've been busy trying to fix some things on the blog. More precisely I've been setting up a new template, because the old one couldn't support some gadgets and the template setting features of Blogger. Anyway, in its original state that template was built for Wordpress, and later it was converted in Blogger format. I was asking for problems from the moment I picked it and recent Blogger updates made it almost unusable.
So, here's the new one, I hope there's anyone else out there except me who likes it.

Anyway, in the article about 600cc bikes I missed to mention the new MV Agusta F3, which seem to be a brilliant motorcycle. MV Agustas are kind of exotic bikes, and sometimes I just forget to put them in the same line with the others, just like they're out of competition. But they are not, they shouldn't be.
It would be really good and fair for these bikes to be included in group tests, especially within super sport 600 and 1000cc comparison tests, but that rarely happens. Is this because they're to expensive for the journalists to trash them around the track or it is the factory policy? I couldn't say. I only know I would love to see how F3 and F4 would compare with other "R" bikes.

I also want to write about some bikes that could be rather good, but inexpensive alternative for beginners or the people with a tiny budget. In my opinion it is easy to choose a bike when you have 20,000 bucks in your pocket. The problem is how to get yourself a bike that will serve you well (and safe) if your budget is very limited. There are various alternatives, but quality differs, so you better be careful with these. The good news is that it is possible to find just the right balance between the affordable price and the quality.

I hope for some more time and material for writing, soon. Cheers!

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