Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New CBR 250R video

I believe this is the first video that clearly presents new CBR250R riding experiance. All the videos before this one were Honda's boring official video, and few others that shows nothing much, excpet empty talking about how great the bike is.

Well, acceleration and top speed showed here are bit better than I expected. Top speed of 164 kmh (101 mph) should be taken with reserve, because we all know how speed gauges can lie. Real speed they achieved is probably about 155-160 kmh. Also, the best way to check out its capabilites is to directly confront it with its rivals: Ninja 250R, Hyosung GT250(R) and its cousin VTR 250.
The only thing I didn't like in this video is that lawnmower sound. Replacing that ugly exhaust that makes ugly noise is the first change I would make.

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