Sunday, January 30, 2011

MV Agusta F3 – an exotic spice for the 600 class

All new MV Agusta F3 is the bike I accidentally dropped of the “New 600cc bikes for 2011" article. Now I believe it’s better that way. New Agusta F3 looks so fantastic to me, that it definitely deserves separate article.
The F3 powerplant brings most advanced electronic engine control system specifically designed for this bike. It’s the first bike in this class with Ride By Wire multi-maps system that optimizes the power output in all riding conditions, which also includes traction control. The mixed steel tube / aluminums frame offers superb rigidity and ultimate compactness, again the best in the class. Other components are also top notch; completely adjustable Marzocchi front fork and high-end Sach rear shock. The front brakes consist Nissin master cylinder, Brembo discs and radially mounted Brembo calipers, which is, again, probably the most expensive brake set in the class.

Engine configuration is also a little bit specific – basically, it is very similar to the engine used by Triumph Daytona 675/R, which means: three cylinders packed in 675cc. In my opinion, Triumph has proved this engine configuration is fantastic, offering same power as 4-cylinder 599cc bikes, but adding some extra grunt. This concept made Triumph Daytona multiple winner of the 600cc comparo tests during several years. Now with Agusta F3 with got one bike with the same engine concept, but with even higher spec and exclusive high end components.

I admit I am impressed with the 3-cylinder sport bike engines. I just love the sound of the Triumph's triplet engines and I can't wait to hear the sound of the new F3... it could be even better.
Well, there is one more sky high thing about this motorcycle. You probably guessed - it's the price. They didn’t announce the price yet, but since the MV Agusta make exclusive and exotic top notch bikes, you can count with the quiete big bunch of bucks.
The weight and power output also haven’t been released yet, but it will not be surprise if it turns out to be lightest in the class, and maybe even the most powerful. Since all the data is not announced yet and the bike is not included in the MV Agusta's fantastic bike configurator on their website, I guess they still didn't sort out all the marketing details, but you can expect the bike in free sell during the next few months. When this happens we'll have much more information and I will make another article about it, for sure.
There’s almost nothing to say about esthetics of the bike. It’s simply needless. Famous Italian motorcycle designers… which made Agusta F4 model, the bike that was awarded as the most beautiful motorcycle in the world for 2010... Well, I attached the photos, so take a look.

As I said before, Augusta’s are rarely included in comparison tests, probably for being too expensive and exclusive for trashing around the track by the bunch of journalists. I can only hope someone will be effective enough to manage to get one an F3 from the factory and to put her on the test with the others.
The ultimate competitor of the F3 will definitely be the improved version Triumph's Daytona 675– the 675R! 675R was mentioned here earlier - it’s the best Daytona so far. I am so curious to see these two bikes together on the race track. I guess I’m not the only one, so let’s hope someone will fulfill our wish, soon.
Somehow I doubt I will ever get a chance to ride one of the MV bikes, but you never know. Running a famous blog has some advantages, you know! Yeah right! ;)

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